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Get more from your video meetings

Discover the best way to capture important moments and effortlessly drive your work forward.

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These productive teams use Supernormal

For every 30 minutes in a meeting, there are 2 minutes worth saving and sharing.


Privately record your meetings

Capture your brilliant moments.
Safe, secure, and yours.


The button every meeting should have

Stop taking notes. Create video highlights instead. One click to remember important moments.


Finish your meeting and your Supernormal is ready

The full recording, transcript, and highlights are instantly available and shareable.


Continue the discussion

Keep the conversation going with questions, follow ups. Focus work on highlighted moments. Loop in the right people with @mentions and integrations into the tools you already use.


Go beyond meetings.
A secure home for your team’s videos.

Perfect for all your meetings, screen recordings, updates, standups and more. From the moment you join, all your teamates are one click or @mention away.