Groups on Supernormal

Groups on Supernormal

simple group creation

Creating a group

We often share our recorded meetings, updates and standups with the same people. To make this easier, we've rolled out Groups on Supernormal. Creating a group requires a workspace (if you don't have the add button, shoot us a quick email at [email protected]). Easily add your team members by email or people already in your workspace.

sharing to a group

Simple Group Sharing

Now, when it comes time to share a Supernormal, select the group in your share options and you're all set! Team members will get an email when someone posts to the group.

connect to Slack

Groups integrated with Slack.

Supernormal is now fully integrated with Slack. From the group settings, set a Slack channel to receive all your group posts. This integration helps keep all our teammates in the loop where they already work.

Supernormal is perfect for all your meetings, standups, updates and more. Get started today.