How to Download Google Meet Transcripts Quickly & Easily

Olivia Hersman
June 3, 2022
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Google Meet Transcripts

As great as Zoom meetings are, it can be easy for the content of five or even ten meetings per day to run together—and to forget exactly what was said when. 🤯

Enter the appeal of Zoom transcripts, which offer something in-person meetings don’t—the ability to capture everything said in a meeting for reference later on.

How to Download Google Meet Transcripts for Free with Supernormal

So, how do you access these holy-grail documents to send out to your team following a meeting?

Enter Supernormal—a meeting recording, note-taking, and transcript-producing software that works with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

Before you can download your  meeting transcript, you’ll first need to record the meeting using Supernormal’s Chrome extension. ‍After you install the Supernormal Chrome Extension, here's how to record your meeting: 

  1. Launch the Supernormal Chrome extension and sign in. If you can't find the extension, it may be behind the 🧩 in the top right of your browser.
  1. Choose your microphone. If you are wearing headphones, make sure to enable capture audio.
  1. Click “Start Recording”
  2. To stop recording, just end your meeting. You can do so either by closing the browser tab or ending the call. The moment you end your call, a new browser tab will open up with your meeting recording, notes, and your transcript—it’s that easy!

Pro tip? To avoid the hassle of combing through entire transcripts, use Supernormal’s handy “action item” feature to make note of important moments/points during the call.


In order to get started with Supernormal and access meeting recordings, notes, transcripts, and more, click here

The free plan includes 15 free recordings with full transcripts, while the Pro and Business plans offer even more features, from private groups, to highlight videos, to the ability to import from Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

We’ll see you there. 😎