Record your Google Meets

Record your Google Meets

one click record your Google Meets

With Supernormal's new Chrome Extension, any time you start a Google Meet, you can easily record your entire call for continued discussion and to share key moments with teammates. Install the extension and we'll notify you the next time you join a Google Meet!

Stop taking notes, share a more full story

Meetings are full of rich information. Decisions, questions, and follow ups are just a few of the pieces that should live on beyond a call. We've gotten by with taking notes and doing a follow up email, but even that is hard to do in a back to back schedule.

At Supernormal,  we're one step closer to helping you put down google docs and follow up emails. Capture your meetings instead and one click share key moments. A 30 second clip captures more emotion, context and information than any email sent after your call.

sharing, integrated with Slack and Google workspace

Easily continue the discussion, loop in teammates

Supernormal integrates with Google Workspace and Slack, making all your teammates a click away. Bob missed the meeting and you need his feedback? @Bob or add him in one click as a participant.

Supernormal is perfect for capturing your meetings, sending quick updates and async standups. Get started today with your recordings!