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Supernormal helps you and your team unlock your best work with amazing meeting notes all in one place.
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Save 10 minutes every meeting
Get meeting notes in seconds. Highlight the ones that matter most.
Stay focused on the conversation
No more multi-tasking. Stay engaged and we'll handle the rest.
Send notes to your CRM & ATS
Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, & Workable Integrations help you close the loop.
Calendar integration
Supernormal can automatically join calls for a seamless experience.
Record audio & video
Easily get the audio & video for your meetings with our bot, Norm.
Create notes in multiple languages
Including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.
Supernormal normalizes remote work and removes meeting FOMO. Within a day, everyone was sharing their notes.
Jason Laster, CEO
Supernormal has completely transformed the way I approach meetings. It’s a total time saver and has added immense value to my work—and the people I work with.
Rachelle Young, Program Director
The Next Web
Next Steps
Which actions will help unblock your customer?
Customer Needs
Where do your customers need support?
Customer Pain Points
Where are your customers struggling?
Customer Goals
What is this prospect hoping to achieve?
Customer Pain Points
Which actions will prevent them from buying?
Next Steps
Which actions will help close this prospect?
Interview Summary
What are the highlights of this conversation?
Candidate Requirements
What is this candidate looking for in their next role?
Candidate Objections
What concerns does the candidate have?
Action Items
What work needs to get done and by when?
Key Decisions
What is each person committing to?
Status Update
What is the status of our team’s work?

Get detailed notes instantly for any kind of video meeting

After your meeting is over, you can generate detailed notes tailored to your call in just one click. Strategy meetings, project meetings, sales calls, HR interviews, and more. Sign up for free and see what Supernormal can do for you.

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Transcribe your calls,
wherever you meet

Supernormal can seamlessly transcribe and record your Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams meetings in multiple languages. Choose to have Supernormal always present, or invite our bot to your meetings for one-off recordings. Your meetings are stored securely on for easy access and sharing.