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Harness the team friendly power of async video to easily gather feedback, get buy-in, and deliver quality products.


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find focus

People lose up to 23 minutes every time they’re interrupted. Move your product discussions async and help your team stay focused in deep work.

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It’s not magic, it’s Supernormal

Instant Transcription

Searchable transcriptions magically appear as soon as you’re done recording.

Delightful Sharing

In a click, grab a link, share it wherever, and watch your gif preview unfurl.

Slack Integration

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Magic Editing

Highlight words or sections you want to delete and ~ voila ~ they’re gone.

Save and share key moments with one click.
Drive your work forward with Supernormal.

For people leaders


Stay in in sync, async with quick video updates instead of synchronous standups.

For designers

Design Reviews

With screen sharing and annotation tools, discuss work-in-progress designs with precision.

For product managers

Product Demos

Tell the story behind your latest feature idea, and gather feedback from collaborators.

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