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Best Note Taking Apps of 2022

Who Takes Notes?

Note taking: it’s a critical strategy for success for many different types of people. 🤓

Taking notes, for example, is an essential part of any college student’s life. Notes are used for lectures and classes, but they also serve as a way to keep track of assignments, tasks, and deadlines.

In addition, note taking is popular in work/professional environments during important meetings, strategy calls, and planning sessions to ensure that everyone is on the same page (no pun intended.)

Some people use a notebook and pen to take notes, but there are also note taking apps that are available for use. 💻

Note Taking Apps vs. Paper + Pen

There are many advantages of using a note taking app instead of a notebook and pen. One advantage is that it allows you to type your notes so that they can be stored electronically, allowing you to avoid losing a notebook (and subsequently, all of your notes.)

Another advantage is that some note taking apps have the ability to record audio during meetings so you don't have to worry about missing anything important while typing your notes on your phone or tablet—and these recordings can even be accessed after the meeting. In addition, some of these softwares even compile key components of these meetings for you!

Best Note Taking Apps

  1. Supernormal. Supernormal is a browser extension that allows you to record meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more, including access to a full transcript of the meeting and notes/highlights done totally for you. You can even pinpoint important meeting moments in real time, from action items to pain points, to refer to later on.
  2. Evernote. Evernote allows you to create a variety of note types, from checklists, to do lists, to calendars, and offers features such as document scanning and live searching to help you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. It can be downloaded directly onto your Mac or iPhone, and syncs across all devices. However, it does not assist with live note recording like Supernormal.
  3. Goodnotes. Goodnotes is an iPad-focused app that allows for handwritten note taking in addition to note typing via text boxes. Users can store everything from quick notes to entire notebooks and planners in the app, and it offers a variety of customization abilities from color palettes to stickers. It doesn’t offer the transcription and recording ability of Supernormal, meaning someone actually has to write out important notes during meetings, but it does offer great features for students during lectures.
  4. Notability. Notability is similar to Goodnotes in that it allows users to take handwritten notes in custom colors, but is set up differently than Goodnotes—its layout offering folders and subfolders in a vertical fashion, unlike Goodnotes’ layout of notebooks. One thing that it offers that Goodnotes doesn’t, though, is the ability to password-protect certain notes or pages, which can come in handy for journaling or for private information storage. Like Goodnotes, it can’t capture notes for you, making it best for students, while Supernormal is the best option for the workplace.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a note taking tool that lets you work smarter, not harder, and allows you to record important highlights and key moments in real time, Supernormal is the way to go. While Evernote offers checklists and calendar syncing, and Goodnotes and Notability offer handwritten note taking abilities, Supernormal takes the work out of note taking and does all of the recording for you. And, you can even share with your team in a collaborative database after your meetings wrap. 📝

To get started, download the free Supernormal Chrome extension and check out what Supernormal can do for you and your team! (Psst…it might just make you the coolest one in your office. 😎)

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