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Video messaging for teams

Video and screen recording right in your browser.
Automatically transcribed, summarized, and easily shareable.

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Move past emoji to get your exclamation point across.
Put a face to it instead.

Communicating with text alone is slow and easy to misinterpret. Send a video instead, so people can see and feel exactly what you mean.

Record your camera for greetings, standups, 1-on-1s, announcements, and more.

Record your screen to share walkthroughs, demos, and presentations.

Available on the web for Chrome and Firefox, as a Chrome extension, and on desktop for MacOS.

Get your message out to the right people.
Just say the words.

Every video you record is transcribed and summarized instantly, giving your viewers context before they’ve even watched. Plus, Supernormal recognizes your teammates’ names automatically, so you can keep them updated effortlessly.

Connect your Slack team to share with teammates easily. Set reminders so others can share their updates, too.soon

Smart Mentions

Our transcript intelligence can recognize your teammates' names, so you can keep them in the loop without doing any extra work.

Shareable URLs

All videos have a secret, unguessable URL. They’re easy to share with anyone, but they’re yours and yours alone when you want them to be.


Sharing your video is just the beginning of a great conversation. Comments and reactions keep the conversation going with your viewers.

Show, teach, tell, and sell.
Create videos for anyone.

For Teams Daily Updates

Replace synchronous team standups with async video updates

For Designers Flow Walkthroughs

Screen recording lets you walk viewers step-by-step through your thinking

For Product Managers Product Demos

Share the latest version of your work and gather feedback from your team

Plus… team training, client updates, code review, onboarding customers, documentation, and so much more.

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