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For every 30 minutes in a meeting, there are 2 minutes worth saving and sharing. Supernormal helps you capture those moments.

Here’s how it works


Record your meetings with Supernormal

Use our macOS app or Chrome Extension to record any meeting. Set up is easy, and unlimited recording time means you can jam on your best ideas without worrying about losing any of it.


Capture important moments without breaking flow

One click instantly creates a 30 second replay of what just happened. We call them Highlights and they’re great for capturing important moments in any recording. Super focused on your discussion? No worries. You can always add highlights when you’re done recording.


End your recording and get all the goods instantly

Your full recording, transcript, and highlights are available to share as soon as you finish recording, so there’s no waiting around for your recording to upload. Share with anyone using a name, email, or just a plain old share link. Your viewers will get the option to watch just the highlights — they’ll love you for it.


Continue the discussion

Keep the conversation going with questions, follow ups. Focus work on highlighted moments. Loop in the right people with @mentions and integrations into the tools you already use like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Record it all.
Supernormal is a secure home for your videos.

Stash your your meetings, highlights, screen recordings, standups, updates, and more without caps on storage. Invite teammates to share work and collaborate together on your team’s videos.

Features that help you move faster

Instant uploads, transcripts,
and highlights. Plus…

Works everywhere

Supernormal works wherever you take your meetings. Zoom, Meet, Teams, WebEx and more

Unlimited recording length

Meeting running over? No worries, Supernormal doesn’t cap your recording length

Slack + Teams integration

Automatically share new posts in a Supernormal group to your Slack or Teams chat

Auto-import recordings

Sync your existing and future recordings with our Zoom & Meet integrations

Multi-language transcription

Get transcripts for English (US, UK), French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese

Private groups

Create groups to share and collaborte on recordings with specific people


Keep the discussion going with comments, @mentions, and video replies

Simple link sharing

Share your recordings or highlights anywhere and with anyone with a link

Sharing controls

Limit access to your personal or team & organization recordings with a simple toggle


Find any recording by title, participant, topic, or transcript keywords


Easily embed any recording or highlight in apps like Slack, Notion, Twitter, and more

Transcript editor

Transcriber miss a word? Fine tune your transcript just like editing a doc

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I record every meeting I have with Supernormal, it makes it so easy to do it.

— Uri Levanon, VP Partnerships at Edge Gaming