Supernormal for Recruiting

Give candidates your full attention.

Engage with applicants authentically and keep it all organized with integrations.

Capture interview notes and stay in sync on details.

Supernormal automatically takes meeting notes for you allowing you to go confirm job post details and quickly manage hundreds or thousands of applicant interviews.

Format your interviews

Use the Job Interview templates or create your own to format your notes in exactly the way that works for you.

Prompt for specific insights

Query your interviews using AI to find insights then save them to your notes for shared members to see.

“Supernormal allows me to give my full awareness in meetings, enabling radical presence, relevant question asking, and finding flow that was otherwise elusive when note taking.”
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Justin Schafer, Product

Tribe AI

Keep the hiring group in the loop.

Easily send hiring managers and anyone else involved in your hiring process the notes from interviews. You can even set up internal groups to auto-share screenings or interviews with.

Track action items across meetings.


Add notes to candidate cards automatically in a Q&A format.


Add interview Q&As to candidates automatically.


Automatically share notes to hiring team Slack channel.


Sync interview notes to databases to keep teams in sync.

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