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How to Record and Transcribe Meeting Minutes for Free

Meetings are an essential part of any organization, allowing teams to align, make decisions, and move projects forward. While meetings aim to increase productivity, they can also waste time and money if not run efficiently. A key part of an effective meeting is having accurate meeting minutes that document the discussion, decisions, and action items.

However, transcribing meeting minutes by hand is time-consuming, difficult, and prone to errors. Fortunately, advances in transcription software now allow us to automate meeting transcription. In this post, we’ll explore what meeting minutes are, the benefits of transcription software, and how to use Supernormal for fast, accurate, and completely free meeting minutes transcription.

What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are the written record of a meeting. They document the key discussion points, decisions made, and action items that need to follow up on. Well-crafted minutes serve several purposes:

  • Provide a record of the meeting that attendees can refer back to for reminders on what was discussed and decided. This also helps absent attendees get up to speed.
  • Allow decisions and action items to be tracked to completion, ensuring accountability.
  • Give context on key issues to stakeholders who did not attend the meeting.
  • Create documentation that can be referenced in the future when similar issues arise again.
  • Provide legal documentation when required. For example, board meeting minutes for corporations.

Meeting minutes typically contain the following elements:

  • Meeting details - date, location, attendees, any absentees
  • Agenda items - discussion topics
  • Motions - any proposals that were made and voted on
  • Decisions - resolutions, approvals, rejections that were agreed on
  • Action items - specific tasks assigned to individuals
  • Next steps - topics to be addressed at future meetings

The minutes do not need to be a verbatim transcript of the meeting, but should accurately reflect the most important points. Many minutes follow a timeline format, documenting discussions in the order they occurred.

Benefits of Transcription Software for Meeting Minutes

Taking meeting minutes by hand has several downsides:

  • It takes a dedicated note taker, which pulls someone’s attention away from actively participating.
  • Notes often miss key details, decisions, and nuances in the discussion.
  • Handwriting quality can make notes tough to reference later.
  • If the note taker is absent, minutes may not get taken at all.
  • Writing everything by hand is tiring and time-consuming.

Transcription software solves these pain points by automatically turning spoken meeting discussions into text transcripts. Benefits include:

  • Frees up staff from manual note taking, allowing full participation.
  • Provides more complete, accurate, and readable minutes.
  • Saves hours of time spent transcribing.
  • Allows minutes to be easily searched and referenced.
  • Enables remote teams to record and transcribe meetings.
  • Creates documentation and accountability around decisions.

In summary, automated transcription makes minute-taking faster, easier, more accurate, and more accessible for everyone. It unlocks productivity by eliminating manual meeting transcription.

How Does Transcription Software Work?

Speech recognition technology enables automated transcription. The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze audio recordings of speech and convert them into text.

There are a few key steps in the transcription process:

  1. Audio recording - The meeting discussion is recorded using microphones, video conferencing software, or recording devices. Clear audio ensures quality transcription.
  2. Speech to text conversion - The audio file is processed through speech recognition software which detects words and converts them into a text document.
  3. Editing - The draft transcript is then reviewed and edited to correct any transcription errors. Software accuracy continues to improve but some human review is still required.
  4. Minutes formatting - The final transcript is formatted into standard minute styles, organizing discussions by agenda topics and highlighting decisions and action items.
  5. Sharing & storage - The minutes document can then be easily downloaded, shared, and centrally stored for future access and reference.

The end result is professional meeting minutes generated with a fraction of the effort required for manual note taking and transcription.

Why Supernormal is the Best Free Meeting Minutes Transcription Tool

There are many transcription services available but Supernormal offers the best free automated meeting transcription software on the market today. Here's why it's the superior choice:

  • 100% free - The Starter plan is entirely free with no hidden costs
  • Instant turnaround - Meetings are transcribed instantly
  • Integrated recording - With a Supernormal Pro account, you can record audio and video of your meetings if and when you need it
  • Speaker identification - Speakers are automatically identified for attribution
  • Easy sharing - Transcripts can be shared instantly with everyone on the call
  • Cloud-based - Access and manage your transcripts from anywhere
  • Simple interface - Quickly record, transcribe, edit, and share
  • Security - Recordings and transcripts are securely encrypted and stored

For teams that regularly hold meetings, Supernormal makes meeting management easier without the ongoing costs of traditional transcription services.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recording & Transcribing Meeting Minutes with Supernormal

Ready to ditch taking notes and start transcribing your meetings automatically? Here is a step-by-step guide to using Supernormal for free fast meeting minutes:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Set your conferencing platform settings so Supernormal attends the Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls you need it to
  3. Join a meeting and Supernormal will do the rest
  4. After the meeting, Supernormal will immediately deliver your transcript, along with notes summarizing the conversation.
  5. Dig into the details with Supernormal’s sophisticated AI features that allow you to expand notes bullets or prompt for specific insights in custom sections.

And you're done! Automated transcription makes creating comprehensive meeting minutes as simple as recording and reviewing.

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