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Account executives on Supernormal use AI-generated meeting notes to exceed their quotas by 15-25%
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Customer Goals
What is this prospect hoping to achieve?
Pain Points
What pain are they experiencing that we can address?
Next Steps
Which actions will help win this deal?
Budget and Decision Maker
What is their budget and who is involved in deciding?
Customer Needs
What needs have they expressed in the call?
Timeline and Budget
When do they need to go live? What's their budget?
Customer Requests
Are there any special requests we need to handle?
Progress to Success
What are we and the customer committing to?
Status Update
What is the status of the customer in onboarding?

Get to the core of customer needs faster with AI

Supernormal uses state-of-the-art AI to understand your sales calls. Built on top of thousands of hours of meetings, we can answer important questions you have about your client with zero effort on your part. Spend your time engaging with your clients and we'll handle the notes and follow-ups for you.

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Detailed meeting notes sent directly to your CRM

Automatically enrich your CRM contacts with key insights gathered from customer calls. We'll automatically sync with the tool of your choice, saving you precious time from call-to-call.

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Keep your workflow, Supernormal works wherever you meet

Supernormal works for Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Choose to get insights for all of your sales calls, or invite our meeting bot to your calendar events as needed. There’s no time or storage limits and your data is stored securely using industry-standard AES-256 encryption.