Product Updates
Automatic notes for Google Meet
October 6, 2022

Automatic notes for Google Meet

Welcome to the new Supernormal for Google Meet - you'll never have to take notes again. Today we launch a fully autonomous note taker for all your Google Meet conversations. Every meeting you take will come with a complete transcript and notes written by the Supernormal AI.

How it works

Once you have installed the Chrome extension and signed in to Supernormal, we will take care of the rest. Supernormal automatically transcribe and take notes for any Google Meet you join. When you leave your meeting, a new browser tab will open with your full transcript and notes.

Can I still record a video?

You certainly can! Just hover over the Supernormal button (it lives in the bottom left corner of your Google Meet) and it will expand with options to record video.

Can I choose to not take notes?

If you have a meeting that you do not want to take notes - no problem! When you hover over the button, you'll also see a Stop button which will deactivate Supernormal for that meeting.

What do I get for notes?

Supernormal AI delivers a summary of the meeting in bullet form. Over the next few weeks we'll be supplementing your notes with more advanced sections including Action Items and Decisions.