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Automatically Share Meeting Notes in Notion

By now, you’ve probably read our posts on streamlining your workflows with automationautomatically sharing meeting notes in Slack, and automatically sharing meeting notes in Google Docs. So you probably have a good idea of how integrating meeting notes with the tools you already use can save time and effort spent sharing the information that comes out of meetings. In this post, we’ll refresh the importance of sharing meeting information and cover how to connect Supernormal with Notion so you can automatically share your notes into Notion’s documents and databases to make your workflow sing! 

The Value of Sharing Meeting Information

Meetings are an important part of how work gets done. They provide a space for exchanging ideas, solving problems, and making important decisions. However, the real value of meetings lies not only in the time spent together but in how information is generated and shared afterward. Here are some ways sharing meeting information can be so valuable:

  • Ensuring Alignment: Sharing meeting notes and outcomes helps ensure that all team members are on the same page regarding decisions made and action items assigned. This alignment is crucial for avoiding misalignment and fostering a shared understanding of the team's objectives.
  • Promoting Transparency: Openly sharing meeting information promotes transparency within the team. When everyone has access to the same information, it builds trust and encourages a culture of openness.
  • Enhancing Accountability: By sharing meeting notes and action items, team members are held accountable for their commitments. It helps track progress and reminds individuals of their responsibilities, increasing overall accountability within the team.
  • Facilitating Knowledge Transfer: Valuable insights and knowledge often emerge during meetings. By sharing this information, team members who were unable to attend or weren’t invited can benefit from the collective wisdom, fostering continuous learning and growth and defeating dreaded meeting FOMO. 

Integrating Supernormal + Notion 

Notion is a widely utilized knowledge base platform for creating and editing documents and databases collaboratively in real time. When combined with Supernormal, this integration unlocks a new level of seamless collaboration for teams. Here's a breakdown of how this integration operates and the transformative potential it holds for team productivity:

  • Easier Note Formatting: For all our die-hard note-takers who have a meticulous way of writing and sharing notes - we see you! The integration of Notion empowers individuals to easily collect, edit, and format their notes in the collaborative documentation tool they already know and love. You no longer have to copy and paste notes from Supernormal. Now you can have the notes and any portion of the notes automatically ported into a new or existing Notion page. 
  • Instant Document Sharing: With Supernormal, you can automatically share notes with other call participants or with a Group. We take this a step further by integrating with Notion. Now you can instantly share notes into a Notion page or database that’s shared with anyone. 
  • Central Hub for Information: Supernormal remains a centralized place for all your meeting notes but we know that you might already use Notion as your team’s knowledge repository. With this new integration, you can seamlessly import your meeting information into the place where you keep everything else. 

If you’re a Notion user, the integration with Supernormal not only simplifies collaboration but also enhances productivity by creating a unified ecosystem where all the work that comes out of meetings meets non-meeting work. 

Get Started with Zapier 

With just a few easy steps, you can connect Supernormal with Notion using Zapier. With Zapier, you can automatically share meeting notes or any part of notes into a Notion page or database, including the notes link, the gist, summary, and action items. To get started: 

  • Sign in to your Supernormal account or create one if you haven't already
  • Visit our Zapier integration page and type Notion into the Search for pairing apps search bar 
  • Choose the Supernormal trigger New Meeting Notes
  • Choose the Notion action from the list 
  • Watch the Magic Happen: Once you've set up your Zap, Supernormal will handle the rest! 

Sharing information that arises from meetings is a powerful way to enhance team collaboration and foster a transparent and productive work environment. The integration with Notion simplifies and accelerates this, enabling instant sharing of meeting notes, action items, and insights in the tool you already use to get things done. Get started with Supernormal for free today!

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