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Beating Procrastination with the Eat That Frog Method

Procrastination is the thief of time. It can rob us of our productivity and leave us feeling frustrated and stuck. But there are ways to beat procrastination and get things done. One effective strategy is the "eat the frog" method.

What is the Eat the Frog Method?

The eat the frog method is a productivity system that encourages you to do your most important, dreaded task first thing in the morning - like eating a frog.

The logic is simple:

  • If you have to eat a frog, you should do it first thing in the morning. The rest of your day can't be worse than having already eaten a frog.
  • Tackling your most difficult task first gets it out of the way. This prevents it from looming over you and draining your energy as the day goes on.
  • Eating a frog in the morning lets you feel a sense of accomplishment and momentum. You've completed the hardest thing on your to-do list already so everything else seems easier.

Why the Eat the Frog Method Beats Procrastination

There are several reasons why eating the frog is an effective way to stop procrastination:

1. It overcomes avoidance

Procrastination is fundamentally avoidance. We put off tasks because we want to avoid the negative emotions associated with them.

But with the eat the frog method, you force yourself to confront the task directly. There's no wriggling out of it. Like ripping off a bandaid, it's uncomfortable at first but ultimately less painful than drawing it out.

2. It plays to your circadian rhythm

Research shows our peak cognitive performance occurs during our circadian rhythm's peak hours, for most people early morning.

Tackling the frog first thing makes the most of your energy and willpower, which get depleted as the day goes on.

3. It creates positive momentum

Getting your hardest task done first creates momentum. You feel energized and capable, making the other items on your to-do list seem easier.

This momentum can carry you through the whole day. You experience a compounding effect from knocking out your top tasks early on.

4. It reduces anxiety

Having your frog looming over you creates ongoing anxiety. Getting it done first thing eliminates this stress and frees up mental bandwidth.

Rather than worry about the frog all day, you can focus your energy on other tasks once it's finished.

5. It sets the tone

Eating the frog denotes that this will be a productive day where you accomplish things that matter. It sets the tone for doing focused, meaningful work versus low-value busywork.

Like athletes visualizing winning before a game, eating the frog primes you for success.

How to Apply the Eat the Frog Method

Here are some tips for putting the eat the frog method into practice:

1. Identify your frogs

What are your most difficult, complex, and impactful tasks? Your frogs are the activities that will make the biggest difference in your work and life.

Make a list of your frogs for the week. Limit it to your 1-3 most dreaded tasks to keep the focus.

2. Do it first thing

Carve out time first thing in the morning to eat your frog before you check email, social media, or do anything else.

Wake up early if you need to create time to focus on it. Having a fixed morning routine forces you to execute.

3. Timebox it

Don't let your frog turn into an all-day affair. Use timeboxing to contain your work.

Commit to giving it your full focus for a set period, like 60-90 minutes. You'll be amazed at how much you accomplish.

4. Eliminate distractions

Nothing derails frog eating like distractions. Turn off notifications, silence your phone, and find a quiet spot to work.

For extra focus, use noise-canceling headphones or apps like Freedom to block distracting websites.

5. Hold yourself accountable

Tell someone your plan to eat a particular frog first thing in the morning. Knowing you have to answer to them will prevent you from falling out of your routine.

You can even ask them to check in on your progress. Accountability helps solidify new habits.

What Happens When you Consistently Eat Frogs

Making frog eating a regular habit produces some powerful benefits:

  • More time for important tasks - By frontloading your frogs early when you have the most energy, you open up your schedule for other meaningful work later on. You no longer have that dreaded task hogging mental space.
  • Less work stress - Removing your most intimidating task before anything else lowers background anxiety and frees up mental bandwidth. You gain clarity on what you really need to get done.
  • Increased sense of control -Setting out to work on your frogs gives you a sense of control over your day. You don't have to waste time deciding what to do next or get derailed by less important tasks.
  • Better work-life balance - Finishing your frog early prevents it from creeping into your personal time. It's easier to fully disconnect and be present with loved ones.
  • Momentum building - Stringing together several days of eating frogs first thing builds incredible momentum. You prove to yourself that you can consistently execute on hard things.
  • Growth mindset - Overcoming the frogs you previously feared conditions you to take on greater challenges. Obstacles become viewed as opportunities rather than threats.

The eat the frog method is a simple but game-changing way to beat procrastination and accomplish more of what matters. Identify your frogs, do them first thing in the morning, and maintain the habit. Embrace the discomfort, and you'll hop toward your goals faster than ever. Now stop reading and go eat your frog!

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