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Case Study: Fiat Growth + Supernormal

When it comes to client-facing business operations, tools that streamline processes and enhance collaboration are invaluable. As Fiat Growth, a growth consultancy focused on helping startups increase revenue, grew their team and client base, they used Supernormal to optimize their workflows and elevate their team’s performance, saving them valuable time and catalyzing positive outcomes for both their company and their customers. 


Fiat Growth, a prominent consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing and revenue operations for tech companies, faces the challenge of managing numerous client interactions, partnership discussions, and business development calls daily. With a mission to excel in client engagement and a growing list of clients, Peter Garea, Fiat’s Head of Business Development, was introduced to Supernormal.

Peter first heard about Supernormal when a member of the paid growth team started using it. At first, Peter and the rest of the team were skeptical about incorporating another tool into the team’s workflow. However, as the firm grew in clients, they recognized the growing need for a tool that could enhance their presence and participation during calls without sacrificing record-keeping. 

Enhancing Presence and Collaboration

Upon incorporating Supernormal into their routine, Peter and his team quickly realized its transformative impact on calls. Supernormal's ability to generate concise summary bullets, action items, and key takeaways allowed them to be more present during conversations. This improvement not only facilitated more fluid and engaging interactions but also provided a comprehensive reference for post-call analysis.

Additionally, Supernormal's seamless collaboration features empowered the team to easily share notes within the team and with clients. This aspect streamlined internal communication, helping the team stay aligned on goals and tasks after each call. As a consulting firm focused on conversations, the enhanced collaboration provided by Supernormal became a pivotal asset in their operations.

Client Engagement and Reaction

For Fiat, one of the most impressive features of Supernormal has been its ability to improve client interactions. Fiat’s clients appreciate receiving concise, correct and actionable notes after each call. These notes facilitate a clear understanding of the discussions and enable faster decision-making. And, although some clients have inquired about Supernormal's note-taking process and presence on calls, they all eventually appreciate the transparency and accountability they unlock. 

Fiat’s journey with Supernormal exemplifies the profound impact a well-designed AI-powered tool can have on productivity, collaboration, and client engagement. By embracing Supernormal's capabilities, Peter and his team effectively enhanced their workflow, created more meaningful interactions with clients, and positioned themselves for growth in an ever-competitive industry.

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