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Video calls have become an indispensable part of our work lives. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, platforms like Zoom have made it possible for teams to collaborate and meet from anywhere. However, an hour long Zoom call can fly by in the blink of an eye, making it hard to retain everything that was discussed. This is where AI note-taking services like Supernormal come in handy.

Supernormal is an AI-powered productivity app that can join your Zoom meetings, record the video and audio, transcribe everything that's said, and generate smart notes highlighting key insights, action items, decisions and topics. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk through how Supernormal can supercharge your Zoom meetings with AI.

The Value of Zoom Notes

The real power of Supernormal's AI Zoom notes comes after your meetings end. With smart, shareable meeting notes, you can:

  1. Revisit Key Details: Don't just let your Zoom meetings fade into the ether. Supernormal notes allow you to revisit who said what, discussions around key decisions, and more.
  2. Share Meeting Insights: Distribute or publish notes with stakeholders who may have missed the meeting or need a refresher on what was covered.
  3. Automatically Transfer Notes Into Other Tools: With Supernormal integrations, you can automatically transfer your notes from client meetings, sales pitches, and team meetings into the tools you use to track and record your your meeting discussions.
  4. Drive Accountability on Action Items: Supernormal's AI highlights next steps and action items so nothing falls through the cracks after your meeting ends.
  5. Search Transcripts: Find key moments in your meeting transcripts via search. Supernormal's transcription empowers you to find the nuggets you need, when you need them..
  6. Enhance Remote Collaboration: With Supernormal, your team is aligned and informed even if they miss meetings. Notes keep everyone on the same page.
  7. Never Forget Great Ideas: Capture all those brainstorms, suggestions, and creative ideas from your meetings so you can refer back and build on them.

So, how do you get Supernormal Zoom Notes? It’s easy!

Automatically Capture All Zoom Meetings

The easiest way to get AI-powered notes for all your Zoom meetings is to let Supernormal run automatically in the background.

To set this up:

  1. Login to your Supernormal account and navigate to Account Settings
  2. Under "Connected Apps", click on Zoom and login with your Zoom credentials to connect your account
  3. Scroll down and toggle on "Take notes for Zoom and Teams meetings"
  4. You can also enable "Record audio & video" if you want Supernormal to record your Zoom meetings in addition to transcribing them

Once enabled, Supernormal will automatically join any Zoom meeting on your calendar, transcribe the conversation, and generate an AI summary with key details after the meeting ends.

Selectively Choose Zoom Meetings

If you don't want Supernormal running on every Zoom call, you can selectively pick and choose which meetings to capture.

To do this:

  1. Head to Account Settings and disable the "Take notes" and "Record video" automations.
  2. Open the calendar invite for the Zoom meeting you want to capture.
  3. Add as a participant to the meeting.
  4. When the meeting starts, the Supernormal assistant will join as a participant and start capturing the conversation.

Alternatively, you can also invite Supernormal mid-meeting by:

  1. Clicking "Participants" at the bottom of your Zoom call
  2. Clicking "Invite" and choosing your email provider
  3. Email from the email address connected to your Supernormal account
  4. The Supernormal bot will join the call within 60 seconds!

Pro Tip: Make sure the meeting host allows Supernormal to join, otherwise it won't be able to transcribe or record.

Audio and Video Recording

By default, Supernormal will transcribe your Zoom meetings. But you can also record the full audio and video - perfect for reference later.

To enable meeting recordings:

  1. Head to Account Settings
  2. Toggle on "Record audio & video"
  3. The next time Supernormal joins your meeting, it will record video, as well as transcribe.

Meeting recordings are available on your Supernormal dashboard under "Your Recordings" once the meeting has ended. You can reference back or share clips with others!

Joining via Calendar vs Participant List

There are two ways to have Supernormal join your Zoom meeting - via the calendar invite or participant list. Here's the difference:

Calendar Invite: Inviting through the calendar allows Supernormal to join immediately at meeting start. However, your calendar must be integrated.

Participant List: Inviting mid-meeting from "Participants" gives you flexibility. But can have up to a 60 second delay as the bot joins.

We recommend using the calendar invite where possible for the most seamless experience. But the participant list works when you need to capture an ad-hoc meeting.

Get Smarter with AI Zoom Notes

Zoom meetings often cover valuable insights, decisions, brainstorms and actions. But retaining everything discussed can be a struggle.

With Supernormal's AI meeting assistant, you can automatically turn your Zoom calls into smart, shareable notes. Key topics, takeaways and action items are extracted and sent to your inbox after each meeting ends.

Remote collaboration just got a whole lot easier. No more missing important details or scrambling to remember what was said. Supernormal's AI gives you easy access to audio, video and transcript search of every Zoom meeting.

Try Supernormal out for yourself to supercharge your Zoom calls with AI!

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