How RHC Co. Transformed Client Relationships with Supernormal

RHC Co., a top-notch consulting firm specializing in revenue operations, business process optimization, and go-to-market strategies, faced a familiar hurdle: efficiently capturing and using insights from client meetings. Founder Rob Turley turned to Supernormal to revolutionize their note-taking and documentation, changing the way they manage and share information with clients.

Before Supernormal, RHC Co. was bogged down by the manual effort needed to take detailed notes during consultations, workshops, and training sessions. This often led to missed information and inefficiencies, as Rob had to rely on memory or spend endless hours rewatching recorded sessions to extract key points. The lack of streamlined, customizable notes made it tough to provide high-quality, actionable insights to clients promptly.

Rob first heard about Supernormal from a colleague. Seeing the potential to transform their documentation game, Rob decided to integrate Supernormal into their workflows, especially for hosting workshops, coaching sessions, and client consultations.

Getting started with Supernormal was a breeze for Rob and his team. The platform's ability to take and customize notes was unlike anything else they’d tried. From the get-go, they had access to transcripts and summaries that saved them time and ensured no crucial details were missed. The flexibility of the notes, combined with Supernormal’s capability to edit and tailor them, made the notes more useful and easier to handle for Rob and his clients.

Supernormal has completely transformed how RHC Co. handles client interactions. The platform’s powerful documentation features have streamlined their post-workshop and curriculum review capabilities. Now, clients receive detailed, well-organized notes right after meetings, making their experience smoother and leaving them thoroughly impressed.

Rob enthusiastically recommends Supernormal for other consulting, advisory, coaching, and implementation services organizations.

"Supernormal's automatic transcription and note generation features have drastically reduced the time we spend on documentation, ensuring that no crucial details are overlooked. It’s been a game-changer for our client interactions."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. By using Supernormal, Rob and his team have boosted their operational efficiency and set a new standard for their post-workshop and coaching/advisory and other virtual-based customer communications. For consulting firms and teams looking to improve their documentation processes, Supernormal offers a powerful, reliable tool that makes your work easier without adding more work.

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