Product Updates
1.1 AI powered notes for Google Meet
January 25, 2022

1.1 AI powered notes for Google Meet

Since launching 1.0, we've seen a huge surge in average video length. The average supernormal is now longer than 30 minutes and has 4-8 highlights. With some speedy research and conversations with our awesome community - we're improving the highlight and note taking experience. Today, we're launching a special recording experience for Google Meet.

Video Notes for Google Meet

Run your meeting, we'll take the notes. When you join a Google Meet and start your Supernormal chrome extension, you'll see a new Notes panel. This notes panel comes with a few highlight buttons, Action Item, Insight, and Bookmark. Whenever an important moment happens in your call, just click on a highlight button to add it to your notes. You can either add text to the note or let Supernormal fill in the note with what was just said in the meeting.

The moment your call is done, the full recording, video notes and summary are instantly available.