Product Updates
Supernormal Async | easily record your screen and cam
June 14, 2022

Supernormal Async | easily record your screen and cam

Record quick videos of your screen and camera

Supernormal has an all new Async mode that helps you show your work with context. Easily record your screen, get contextual feedback and make decisions together. Sending quick video messages has never been easier - and works great for internal communications and client facing roles.

How Async Works

  1. Record a quick video with Supernormal for Mac
  2. Share with a link. The video is immediately available, with a full transcript.
  3. Get rich feedback. Comments, reactions, highlights and more are all available for teammates to give great contextual feedback at the right moment.

Move faster with Async

When we set out to build Supernormal Async, we set high goals of being able to play any recording in under a second with a transcript. We've made this a reality for your short and long videos. You are no longer limited to 5 minute recordings and you don't have to wait 30 minutes for a transcript. The moment you stop your recording, it is available to share and watch.

The one place for your meetings and recordings

Your supernormal workspace captures all your meetings, and now all your async demos, product updates, feedback videos and more. Easily search to find key moments in your conversations and loop in teammates in a better way.

The benefits of Async

Async video messages are an essential communication tool for remote and hybrid workplaces. Teams across timezones thrive when they have context, open communication, and the ability to consume and provide feedback on their own time. We've seen a 18% meeting reduction in the top teams that have adopted async videos into their core work experience.