GPT4 vs GPT3.5: An In-Depth Comparison

ChatGPT is all the rage right now. But with each new version comes improvements and changes. So how exactly does ChatGPT4 stack up against its predecessor ChatGPT3.5? Let's break it down section by section.


ChatGPT4 can do so much more than ChatGPT3.5 could. It's like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. With ChatGPT3.5, you could have basic conversations. It could answer questions, summarize texts, and generate content on simple prompts. Useful, but limited.

ChatGPT4 takes it to the next level. It can have more advanced dialogues, understand context better, and generate lengthier, more coherent content. We're talking essays, articles, poems - you name it. The possibilities are endless. ChatGPT4 represents a quantum leap in AI capabilities. ChatGPT3.5 feels basic and constrained in comparison. It's no contest here - ChatGPT4 is lightyears ahead.

Use Cases

Given its expanded capabilities, ChatGPT4 opens up many more potential use cases compared to ChatGPT3.5. With ChatGPT3.5, its main uses were answering simple queries, summarizing text, and assisting with basic writing tasks. But with ChatGPT4, the sky's the limit. It can be used for content creation, research assistance, tutoring and education, conversational AI chatbots, creative writing and more.

For example, ChatGPT4 could help:

  • Generate ideas and drafts for blog posts, essays, stories or any writing project.
  • Answer complex questions that require contextual understanding and multi-step reasoning.
  • Create summaries of long reports, research papers or articles.
  • Assist students by explaining concepts, tutoring specific topics, solving math problems.
  • Have natural conversations as a virtual assistant or chatbot.

The possibilities are vast with ChatGPT4 compared to the limited scope of ChatGPT3.5. It's a whole new playground to leverage AI.


With increased capabilities comes increased accuracy. ChatGPT4 outputs are much more accurate, coherent and nuanced compared to ChatGPT3.5. ChatGPT3.5 tended to make basic factual errors or respond nonsensically to complex prompts. Its knowledge base was narrow and shallow.

ChatGPT4 exhibits deeper understanding across more topics. The knowledge graph backing it is broader and more detailed. This results in outputs with far fewer errors and inconsistencies. Responses from ChatGPT4 feel smart and well-informed. ChatGPT3.5's outputs were more hit-or-miss in quality. Additionally, ChatGPT4 handles context much better. It can follow the thread of a conversation or writing prompt more closely. ChatGPT3.5 would often stray off course. Overall, ChatGPT4 delivers a substantial jump in response accuracy over its predecessor. It's simply able to handle a wider range of prompts in a more logical and coherent way.


That said, ChatGPT4 is not perfect. It still has certain limitations compared to human intelligence. But these limitations are less pronounced versus ChatGPT3.5.

Some key limitations that remain include:

  • Cannot reason about subjective concepts or use judgment. Relies on objective facts.
  • Struggles with complex prompts requiring very specialized or recent knowledge. Knowledge base ends in 2021.
  • Lacks a consistent personality or opinion. Responses are purely based on available data.
  • Can occasionally generate incorrect or nonsensical text that sounds plausible but isn't grounded in facts.

However, these limitations are more prominent in ChatGPT3.5. Especially the tendency to fabricate responses that sound persuasive but are false. ChatGPT4 represents meaningful progress in mitigating AI's limitations. But there is still room for improvement to handle subjective reasoning and discussions requiring very recent or niche knowledge. It continues to think in an objective, impersonal manner based on pre-2021 data.


Both versions exhibit creativity in generating content. However, ChatGPT4 displays noticeably more human-like creativity and imagination.

ChatGPT3.5 could produce original poems, stories and songs. But they tended to be basic with repetitive themes and structures. ChatGPT4 outputs are much more nuanced and eloquent. Poems feel deep and evocative. Songs have more complex rhyme schemes and narratives. Fictional stories unfold in organic, meaningful ways.

This difference likely stems from ChatGPT4's more advanced natural language modeling capabilities. It simply has a better grasp of the rhythms and patterns of human language. ChatGPT4 represents a big step towards AI that can replicate human creativity and imagination. There is still progress to be made, but its creative abilities are impressive.

How Supernormal Utilizes Both

At Supernormal, we harness the strengths of both ChatGPT3.5 and ChatGPT4 to empower your communication. For straightforward content needs like formatting, basic summarizing, or simple requests, we leverage ChatGPT3.5. It can handle these basic tasks reliably at scale.

But when more advanced easoning is required - think deciphering action items, takeaways, or ideas for your notes - we tap into ChatGPT4's expanded capabilities. It unlocks the creative storytelling, strategic insights, and the custom information you need to get the most out of your meeting notes.

By combining both AI models, Supernormal provides you the best of both worlds in an easy-to-use platform. We handle the complexity behind the scenes while delivering you glitch-free, high-quality notes. The future is here - let Supernormal help your business make the most of these AI advances today.

The Bottom Line

ChatGPT4 represents a major evolutionary leap over ChatGPT3.5. With expanded capabilities, accuracy, use cases and creativity, it feels like a whole new era of AI. There are still limitations, but ChatGPT4 sets a new bar for natural language AI. It presages a future where this technology becomes an integral part of our lives.

At Supernormal, we're committed to democratizing access to the latest AI innovations. Let us put both GPT3.5 and GPT4 to work for your organization in a simple, seamless way. The future is here - embrace it with Supernormal.

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