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How to Give Permission to Record on Zoom: A Simple Guide

When you start a Zoom meeting as the host, you have the option to record the session. This creates a handy video file that you can reference or share later on. However, recording people without consent raises ethical issues. To avoid problems, Zoom requires the meeting host to get permission from all participants before recording.

There are a few different ways to go about this, ranging from manual to automated. The easiest approach is to announce at the start that you would like to record, and ask if anyone objects. If even one person declines, you should not record. You can also enable settings requiring consent automatically.

Managing Settings in Advance

Rather than awkwardly asking in the moment, you can configure Zoom ahead of time to prompt participants for recording consent. This way, you don't put anyone on the spot. In your Zoom web portal, navigate to the Recording tab. Check the box labeled "Require consent from all meeting participants before hosting can start the cloud recording." This makes permission mandatory for recording meetings you host. You can also toggle options to lock down cloud and local recording controls. The more restrictive your settings, the more control you give participants over recordings.

Requesting Consent Manually

If you keep recording settings flexible rather than locked down, you will need to get consent in the moment before enabling recording. Once your meeting begins, verbally ask all attendees for permission to record. Phrase the question openly: "Would it be alright if I recorded this session for anyone to reference later?"

Watch the reactions. If anyone voices dissent or appears uncomfortable, do not proceed with recording. Respect people's preferences, even if most seem fine with it. Only record unanimously agreed upon meetings. If full consent is granted, click the record button and capture your Zoom session!

Recording with Supernormal

Third-party apps like Supernormal offer expanded recording capabilities for Zoom meetings. And Supernormal generates automated transcriptions and detailed notes alongside video recordings to ensure you have accurate and customizable records to communicate with teammates and keep track of followups.

To use Supernormal to record, first signup for Supernormal Pro account. Then go to your Account Settings to indicate which Zoom meetings you'd like Supernormal to join. Then, upon the start of a Zoom meeting, Supernormal will ask the host for initial permission to record. If granted by the host, it requests consent from all participants With unanimous approval, Supernormal then records the Zoom call, capturing video and audio, as well as the transcript of the call. Everyone sees a notification that recording is in progress so nobody is surprised.

Respecting Participant Privacy

However you choose to record Zoom meetings, the privacy of participants should remain top of mind. Tread carefully with sensitive topics that some may not want immortalized on video. And always be transparent about how recorded media could be accessed or used down the line. Following basic etiquette preserves trust in your team. People want the autonomy to share ideas without worrying about repercussions. Foster an environment where they feel empowered to say no without judgment. When in doubt, ask yourself: Could recording this meeting in any way undermine psychological safety on my team? If the answer leans yes, leave the recorder off.

Managing Zoom recording permissions does not have to be complicated. With a few simple settings adjustments and clear communication, you can easily get participant consent and capture your important meetings. Most importantly, prioritize respect and transparency around recording to build trust with your team. Empower your colleagues to openly share ideas without worrying about their privacy being violated. If you establish Zoom recording as a safe, consensual practice, it can serve as an invaluable asset. With these tips in mind, you are ready to start recording for the right reasons.

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