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The Best Productivity Planners and How to Choose the Right One for You

Why Use A Productivity Planner?

We get it—life as a professional can be hectic and complicated. Maybe you use Google Calendar for keeping track of meetings and an old notebook for your running to-do list. Maybe you even scribble down commitments in the notes app of your phone, because, let’s face it—everything happens so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. 

Feeling overwhelmed yet? 🤯

Enter the productivity planner. It’s an essential tool for any professional who needs to stay on top of their work at their job and at home—because it allows you to compile all of your to-dos, meetings, deadlines, and reminders into one place.

Productivity planners include the word “productivity” because they help you to get a better overview of your tasks, goals and deadlines, helping you to plan your time in a more efficient way. Using them, you can prioritize your work and set achievable goals while making sure that you are using your time wisely during all parts of your day.

Today, the team at Supernormal is compiling five of the best productivity planners for professionals—and helping you decide which one is right for you. 🤓

5 Best Productivity Planners for Professionals

  1. Full Focus Planner. The Full Focus Planner follows a clean and simplistic layout, giving you space to write out your “daily big 3” tasks—non-negotiables that need done ASAP, as well as your running list of other tasks. In addition, it includes a sidebar where you can block your time and make note of important meetings in an easy-to-view layout. It’s undated, meaning you can buy it and start using at any time, and boasts nearly 4,000 positive reviews from people who are loving it.
  2. Lemome 2022 Pocket Planner. This planner features thick paper, a pen holder, an inner pocket, an elastic closure band, and notes pages in addition to its weekly and monthly planning spreads. Its compact size makes it easy to bring with you on-the–go, and comes with a beautiful leather cover that is professional and minimalistic for use in the office.
  3. Papier’s Joy Daily Planner. This Daily Planner is perfect for getting a bird’s eye view in addition to an in-depth look at each day. It comes in a variety of colors, from cream, to purple, to yellow, to black, and includes a weekly overview (including a schedule and notes column) as well as daily planning pages. These daily planning pages include space for your top three priorities, important to-dos, a habit tracker, and notes. It’s perfect for combining planning for your job with planning for your personal life, giving it its spot on our list. 
  4. Hobonichi Techo Planner. This Techo planner from Hobonichi uses an incredibly unique layout to help you visualize your day. Each day has its own blank grid for you to fill in as you see fit—and its own quote at the bottom to keep you inspired. It uses a thin, light paper called Tomoe River Paper that is compact while being resistant to bleeding. It’s important to note that the cover for this planner (if you want one) is sold separately!
  5. Roterunner Purpose Planner. Lastly, this Roterunner Purpose Planner provides a unique setup for goal visualization based on the different roles you may assume in your life—from husband or wife, to mother or father, to marketing manager. Each page prompts you to establish your “why” behind every goal, and a space to write out your 6-month goals for each role. Lastly, it gives you the space to write out monthly, weekly, and daily tasks and actions that can help you achieve these goals, and provides tips for improving productivity overall.

Choosing the Right Productivity Planner

When choosing the productivity planner that’s right for you, it’s important to consider your overall goals and motivations for buying a planner. Do you want to keep track of your daily schedule? Your progress in multiple aspects of your life? A little bit of everything?

Establishing your intentions for using a productivity planner—as well as your non-negotiables that you need in a planner—will help you decide which of our top planners for professionals are right for you.

Be sure to leave a comment down below if you decide to order one of these planners—and let us know how the planning process improves your productivity! 💡 

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