Better Meetings

Tips & Tricks To Make Your Meetings Actionable

In today's fast-paced work environment, meetings are critical to getting things done. However, many professionals find themselves drowning in an overwhelming sea of unproductive meetings that drain time, energy, and resources, and affect morale. To combat this meeting bloat, it's crucial to adopt strategies that promote actionable meetings. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective techniques to make meetings more purposeful, productive, and focused on driving results.

Set Clear Objectives

To avoid meeting bloat, it's essential to establish clear objectives before scheduling a meeting. Determine the specific goals you aim to achieve and identify the outcomes that would indicate meeting success. Nobody wants to sit through a meeting that could have been an email, so once you identify the outcomes, evaluate if the meeting is necessary. If it is, communicate these objectives to all participants in advance, allowing them to prepare accordingly and align their contributions with the desired outcomes.

Embrace the Power of Agenda

An agenda acts as a roadmap for a productive meeting. It outlines the topics to be discussed, time allocated for each item, and any pre-meeting preparation required. Share the agenda with participants ahead of time, so they come prepared and can contribute meaningfully. Stick to the agenda during the meeting, ensuring that discussions stay focused and on track.

Keep it Selective

One of the primary culprits behind meeting bloat is inviting unnecessary participants. Before sending out invitations, carefully consider who truly needs to attend the meeting. Keep the group as small and relevant as possible to maintain efficiency. For individuals who don't require full participation, consider sharing meeting minutes or relevant updates afterward to keep them informed without wasting their time.

💡Pro Tip: To discourage meeting FOMO (fear of missing out), use an AI tool like Supernormal to consistently take and share meeting notes so attendees who aren’t needed in a meeting are comfortable missing it! 

Establish Time Boundaries

Meetings tend to expand to fill the time allotted. By establishing strict time boundaries, you create a sense of urgency and ensure discussions remain concise. Set a clear start and end time for the meeting, and stick to it. Consider using timers or countdowns to keep everyone aware of the time remaining for each agenda item.

Encourage Active Participation

Engaging all participants actively during a meeting fosters collaboration and enhances productivity. Encourage attendees to contribute their ideas, ask questions, and provide input throughout the discussion. When everyone feels heard and valued, the meeting becomes more dynamic and action-oriented. 

Foster Accountability

To transform meetings into actionable outcomes, ensure that action items and responsibilities are explicit and clearly assigned. Before concluding the meeting, summarize the key decisions made, capture action items, and designate responsible individuals for each task. Set deadlines and follow-up mechanisms to track progress and hold everyone accountable for their commitments.

💡Pro Tip: To ensure action items aren’t forgotten, use Supernormal’s ChatGPT4-powered task management feature to track and assign them. With Tasks, you can manage all the action items that come out of your meetings in one place where you can delete them, mark them as complete, or assign them to a teammate.

Unproductive meetings can drain valuable time and hinder progress. By implementing actionable meeting practices, you can transform meetings into focused, efficient, and results-driven sessions. Remember to set clear objectives, establish an agenda, invite only necessary participants, keep discussions time-bound, encourage active participation, foster accountability, and leverage technology like Supernormal to bring it all together. With these strategies in place, you can reclaim valuable time, increase productivity, and drive tangible outcomes in your workplace. It's time to banish meeting bloat and make every meeting count!

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