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The Best Apps for Enhancing Your Zoom Meetings

Video conferencing has become an indispensable part of our work and personal lives. As the market leader, Zoom is the platform most of us rely on for meetings, webinars, and online events. But Zoom's basic functionality only scratches the surface of what's possible. By integrating essential productivity apps into your workflow, you can save time, automate tasks, and get more value out of every Zoom session.

In this guide, we'll explore four categories of apps that can enhance your Zoom experience: note-taking, recording & transcribing, ideation, engagement, and feedback. We'll highlight one top pick for each category and showcase how these tools integrate tightly with Zoom to streamline collaboration, unlock insights, and boost productivity. Let's dive in!

Supernormal: Effortless Note-Taking

Accurate, shareable meeting notes are essential for recall, accountability, and alignment. Manual approaches to note capture often result in incomplete records, errors, and wasted time. AI-powered note apps now automate this critical task.

Our top pick is Supernormal, which integrates directly with Zoom to automatically join your meetings and take timestamped notes. It identifies speakers, detects agenda items, and summarizes key discussion points and action items. The notes sync across devices and can be shared via link, exported, or embedded in productivity apps like Notion and Slack.

Supernormal requires zero effort from meeting participants. From sales calls to board meetings, Supernormal enables teams to capture institutional knowledge, promote transparency, and increase productivity.

Ideation: Thought-Provoking Insights

Meetings often touch on great ideas that get lost in the rapid fire of conversation. Capture those imaginative concepts and spark productive debates with thought-provoking prompts from Ideanote.

This digital whiteboard integrates with Zoom to provide virtual sticky notes, templates, and questions to unleash creativity and frame productive discussions. Brainstorm around new strategies, roadmap priorities, customer needs or any topic. Move ideas around, group them, and vote to build alignment and focus.

Ideanote is designed for true collaboration, with participants contributing simultaneously from any device. Built-in timers keep things moving, and all the notes, frameworks and outputs can be exported to continue driving progress after the meeting ends.

The Ideanote Start plan is free, allowing unlimited Zoom integration, templates and exports. It's the perfect catalyst to introduce more imaginative, engaging dialogue into your Zoom sessions.

Engagement: Real-Time Polls & Quizzes

We've all been in Zoom meetings that feel more like tedious lectures than engaging conversations. Amp up participation with integrated polls, quizzes and word clouds from Poll Everywhere.

This tool makes it easy to create live interactive activities before or during your Zoom meetings. Launch multiple choice, open-ended and clickable image polls to collect responses in real time. Give pop quizzes and trivia to energize your webinars and training. Or gain quick feedback via word clouds highlighted right in your Zoom room.

Watch engagement and reactions pour in from around the room or across the globe. Poll Everywhere makes it fun and simple for audiences of any size to actively participate through the Zoom integration instead of going passive. Use the results to validate ideas, customize your message and create teaching moments organically.

Poll Everywhere offers flexible plans including a free option, making this a no brainer way to boost attentiveness and involvement in your next Zoom session.

Feedback: Opportunity for Growth

Meetings are prime opportunities for growth. But candid feedback often gets stifled due to lack time, psychological safety or ineffective tools. Tap into honest reactions, suggestions and kudos with Fellow.up's integrated feedback surveys.

This employee engagement platform allows leaders to launch pulse surveys directly connected to each Zoom meeting, webinar or virtual event. Ask targeted questions to collect feedback from attendees before, during or after the session. Gather insights on things like objectives, pace, quality and key takeaways.

The anonymous responses help hosts adapt in real time and continue improving. Surfacing constructive criticism and praise builds trust and community over time. Plus the historical data shines a spotlight on your strengths while guiding professional growth.

Fellow.up offers a 7-day free trial to experience the power of agile feedback. Ongoing plans fit all budget levels, and the platform requires no complex configuration or training. If you're ready to step up your leadership capabilities and meeting effectiveness, Fellow.up delivers through Zoom integration.


Zoom meetings keep our remote work lives connected, but the video conferencing leader doesn't solve every collaboration challenge. Integrating purpose-built apps into your sessions can capture institutional knowledge via automatic note-taking, unlock searchability through transcription, stimulate creativity with prompts, boost engagement via live polling and quizzes, and promote growth through feedback surveys.

The apps highlighted in this guide - Supernormal, Ideanote, Poll Everywhere and Fellow.up - are amongst the best Zoom integrations in their categories. Adding one or more of these tools can save hours, surface insights and take your video conferences to the next level. Experiment with these picks to enhance your personal and team productivity.

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